Wednesday 5 September 2012


No.P3/BMM/CCR                                                                     dated  the 04.09.2012

The Postmaster General,
 Central Region,
Trichirappalli 620 001.

         Sub:  Bi-monthly meeting with the  PMG, CR -   items  to be taken up – Reg.
The following items  are proposed to be taken up  for discussions with the PMG, CR during the ensuing bi-monthly meeting.  The same may kindly be entertained.

Old items:-
1.Re-opening of  item 01/02/2012 – item (h)-  Non grant of  TA to the newly recruited PAs on induction training - still pending  unsettled in Kumbakonam Division.

2. Re-opening of item 02/02/2012 -  still  unsettled though  replied on 29.06.2012 BMM that the AMC  will be finalized within  15 days. For eg. Almost in all the offices at Kumbakonam Division  the UPS  is functioning only for ½ hour and in many offices  like Kodavasal  the transactions could not be made in the  6 hour power cut scenario  without UPS and  Generator. Staff from Trichy Division also reporting  that they are experiencing much difficulties due to non  functioning  of  UPS , printers  and Generators.

New Items:-
1. Extension of business hours upto to 05.00 PM including Saturdays against ILO norms and against 5 day week- administrative office/6day week – operative office principles.  There is no supportive specific Directorate orders  to extend  business hours upto 7  hours on all week days. Request  to withdraw the orders.

2. Request  for  restoration of   one post of APM (A/C s) and four posts of P.A.s  which were kept under abeyance  at Pudukkottai HPO  since A/C s branch is  supported with statistical justification to retain the existing posts. More than 56 S.O.s 1200 staff  and 40000 RPLI transactions are  under the A/C s jurisidiction  and they have to handle with the  connected works. If  there is curtailment of staff,   due to abnormal work load,  everything  would come to a standstill.

3. Request to  take immediate  action  to shift  the Divisional office  to the  proposed new building at  Pattukkottai Division , since the  condition of the present building  is very dangerous  and the  Land Lord himself  issued notice to relieve him  from any  responsibility  on  any eventuality  during this  rainy season.

The following office bearers will be attending the meeting . Necessary arrangements may kindly be made for granting special CL/Relief.
1. Sri. J. Ramamurthy, Circle Secretary & PA, Tiruvallikeni SO, Chennai 600 005.
2. Sri. A. Manoharan, Regional Secretary & PA, Vriddhachalam HPO 606 001.

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